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Kapiti residents start anti-fluoridation petition

Source: Wellington.scoop.co.nz | September 26th, 2009 | Media release – Fluoridation-free New Zealand
Location: New Zealand

A group of concerned Kapiti residents have chosen to start a petition to ask the Kapiti District Council to stop the fluoridation of Raumati, Paraparaumu and Waikanae.

“Fluoridation has got to stop. It is harmful to health and a violation of human rights” says Daniela D-Ronberg, spokesperson for the newly-formed Kapiti Fluoridation-free Campaign

“I am particularly worried that we are still allowing this when the American Health Authorities are advising that babies are getting too much fluoride through the normal tap water when making up baby formula. Fluoride cannot be boiled out.” says Daniela D-Ronberg The last two studies[1][2] in New Zealand that looked at dental fluorosis (the first outward sign of fluoride poisoning) showed that 30% of children in fluoridated areas had some form of dental fluorosis as compared with only 15% in non-fluoridated areas.

This petition has come as a result of Tuesday’s film night where residents were able to watch two half hour videos on fluoridation. These videos consisted of an interview with an award winning BBC journalist and an overview of fluoridation by professionals such as doctors, dentists and scientists from around the world.

Daniela D-Ronberg says “All of continental Europe does not allow water fluoridation. Anyone supporting fluoridation needs to watch these two videos before they can consider themselves to be making an informed decision. Otherwise they are coming from a position of ignorance.”

The group intend to circulate both an electronic and a paper-based petition over the next few months which they will present to Council at the end of the year.