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Kerry County Council unanimously passes motion to end fluoridation

Source: Press Release: West Cork Fluoride Free Campaign & Fluoride Free Towns Project | November 12th, 2014 | Contact: Owen Boyden
Location: Ireland

The Kingdom reigns in.

Congratulations to the people of Kerry and the representatives of Kerry County Council who at their latest meeting yesterday (Monday 10th November) passed a motion against public water fluoridation.

The motion, tabled by Damian Quigg (SF) “That Kerry County Council will write to the Government calling for the cessation of public water fluoridation” was unanimously passed receiving cross party support from all representatives present.

This is the fifth major Council to adopt a similar position this year and comes just weeks after Cork and Dublin, the two largest cities in the country passed motions along with Cork County Council and Laois County Council doing so earlier in 2014.

All in all these Council’s represent some 1.5 million people and finally a tipping point has been reached.

Damian Quigg when contacted for comment said, “I tabled this motion on behalf of concerned members of the electorate in South & West Kerry whom I represent on Kerry County Council. It was evident to me during my election campaign that a lot of people were very vocal on their concerns about their water supply being medicated by fluoride against their will and they were asking for this to be addressed. I carried out a small degree of research and found that in other countries across Europe and in N Ireland that fluoridation of water does not exist, for me this was alarming. I am elected to voice the concerns of the public and I will continue to do this. This was passed unanimously in KCC, no other Councillor from any party disagreed with my motion in calling on the removal of Fluoride from our water supply here in Co Kerry. I hope that other councils around the country will follow suit. Irish water expect us now on top of this to add insult to injury to pay for the water that they medicate against our wishes, they must be joking, I personally will not be paying one red cent as I do not or my family do not want fluoride in our water supply. I will continue to support the campaigns for the removal of fluoride from our water supply going forward.”

One Fine Gael Councillor who wished to remain anonymous but a short while ago confirmed the motion was unanimously supported and said the job of Irish Water was not to medicate the Irish populace but to deliver clean and safe water. He also said it was absurd to be dosing the country’s entire water supply when just a fraction would be ingested by the intended recipient.

We clearly have here a situation where Fine Gael Councillor’s despite senior party line are revolting against an outdated and dangerous public health policy. Labour unfortunately continue to sit on the fence with their Government colleagues whilst Fianna Fail (Passed a motion against fluoride at their Ard Fheis May 14’), Sinn Fein, The Green’s and the majority of political parties and independents in this State do not support an involuntary and indiscriminate medication policy which continues to inflict widespread cosmetic damage (dental fluorosis).


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