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Lack of facts ‘frustrating’ (Last of 12-part series)

Source: The Star (Dunedin) | February 28th, 2008 | By Monica Fouts
Location: New Zealand

Rose Hines (67), of Dunedin, has been hearing about the fluoridation debate for more than 45 years, and has yet to decide where she stands on it.

“It’s difficult to know which in the longer run is the biggest benefit,” she said.

Mrs Hines notes proponents of fluoride will always find scientific evidence to support their side, while opponents do exactly the same.

“If you have someone who is eloquent enough you can almost be persuaded one way or another, depending on how well the argument is presented,” she said.

Mrs Hines is frustrated about the lack of clear facts in the debate, and having to rely on a divided group of “so-called experts” to explain things.

“We have to try to be informed as much as possible to make a decision,” she said.

Many years ago, Mrs Hines saw the effects of fluoride first-hand, when her first child developed brown mottled teeth before she was a year old. The doctor said it was due to the fluoride tablets Mrs Hines took while she was pregnant.

Rose Hines, of Dunedin, says conflicting research between the two sides prevents her from taking a strong stance for or against fluoridated water.