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Lawndale: Half of city’s water is fluoridated; Council discussion on the other half

Source: Minutes of the Lawndale City Council Regular Meeting | July 19th, 2010

Mayor Pro Tem Pullen-Miles suggested that the issue of fluoridation could be controversial and that there should be a presentation about it, not just a consent calendar item on the agenda. Mayor Hofmann invited Shad Rezai, Golden State Water Company Southwest District Manager, to address the council regarding the proposal. Mr. Rezai explained that a 1995 state law required all purveyors to fluoridate water, that about half of Lawndale’s water supply is purchased from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and is already fluoridated, and that the proposal could assist his company in obtaining funding to add fluoride to non-MWD water supplies. He added that he could not speak to the pros and cons of adding fluoride to water. There followed a discussion of whether the company is required to fluoridate the water supply, how information about fluoridation could be gathered and what would be the consequences of not passing Resolution No. CC-1007-041 immediately. It was council’s consensus to continue the item until it has had the opportunity to review information on the subject which it directed staff to provide.