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Legal case fluoride from drinking water continues

Source: Curaçao Chronicle | August 3rd, 2017
Location: Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – Bit by bit the fluoride disappears from the drinking water, as was ordered by the Minister of Public Health Suzanne Camelia-Römer. The utility company Aqualectra stopped adding the chemical to the drinking water last Tuesday.

This means in practice that fluoride is still in the water, but as the Aqualectra tanks are filled with new drinking water, their concentration will decrease.

The committee led by Rudolf de Wit, who committed himself for years to end the addition of fluoride to the drinking water, is happy, but a lawsuit that has been prepared for a long time will not be stopped, says De Wit.

*Original article online at http://curacaochronicle.com/judicial/legal-case-fluoride-from-drinking-water-continues/