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Letter: CQ’s public dental service boss supports fluoride in water

Source: The Gladstone Observer | November 20th, 2014 | By Michele Gardner
Location: Australia

I applaud Cr Greg Belz for his public support of the fluoridation of drinking water (MB 19/11/14).

Fluoridation is not a form of mass medication – it is found naturally in soil, fresh and salt water, air, plants and many foods.

Water fluoridation simply adjusts the natural level of fluoride in drinking water to protect against tooth decay. The process is done using a product especially manufactured for the purpose.

Fluoridation of drinking water is a cost-effective way of preventing dental decay.

As Executive Director of the public dental service in Central Queensland I wholeheartedly support the addition of fluoride to our drinking water to provide the best possible protection to the teeth of our community.

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service dental staff are aware of the benefits that adding fluoride to drinking water has on the prevention of dental caries and are supported to participate in discussions about the benefits of water fluoridation and its relationship to the longer term development of preventable chronic health conditions.

Michele Gardner,
Executive Director Subacute, Ambulatory and Community Services, Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service.