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Letter from Aucoin: Unanswered questions about fluoride in Franklin

Source: The MetroWest Daily News | December 4th, 2012 | By Rich Aucoin

Note: This letter was originally received by the Board of Health on August 23, 2012 and has received no response:

“In light of your decision last year to continue fluoridating Franklin inhabitants through the public water supply, medical best practice principles require that you provide Franklin parents with dosage information.

“As you are aware, recent studies have shown, and federal health officials have warned, that ingesting too much sodium fluoride poses various health risks, ranging from fluorosis of the teeth and bones to impaired brain development in children. Therefore, it is necessary now for responsible Franklin parents to begin carefully monitoring and controlling the amount of municipal tap water that is being ingested by the children for hydration and through cooking.

”As you know, we have already contacted state and federal health officials for this important information but they would not go on record saying how much fluoridated tap water is safe to ingest because fluoridation is ordered by local officials, not state or federal. According to MA General Law Chapter 111, you are responsible for ordering the drugging of our water and therefore you are responsible for publishing the dosage recommendations.

“Please advise as soon as possible: How many ounces of municipal tap water per day are optimal? By optimal, we mean the number of ounces that will both provide your medicine’s intended benefits and also not expose Franklin’s inhabitants to the growing list of fluoridation’s side effects. Please specify your recommended daily ounces for adults, children, infants, and those on dialysis.”

Rich Aucoin