Unfortunately, the new Windsor City Council was in a hurry to get things wrong about the fluoride issue.

Five years ago, the council held special meetings, giving many residents

an opportunity to express their personal stories about harm from swallowing fluoride. That council listened to experts from both sides and made an informed and intelligent decision to stop fluoridation.

This new council reversed that decision without a single question to the water quality experts at Windsor Utilities Commission and with hardly any input from the residents they claim to represent. The timing of the meeting was unfair and suspicious since people are distracted and busy during holidays.

Lacking any evidence-based science, health officials instead relied on endorsements and an American fluoride lobbyist who blatantly misrepresented the National Research Council findings on fluoride toxicity. Together, they were able to convince the majority of councillors that the science was too difficult to understand and that they should just trust their paid adviser.

Let’s hope Tecumseh and LaSalle don’t make the same mistake at upcoming meetings. I think the Windsor city government should take another look at how this has been mishandled recently and pursue the same process they did five years ago… for no other reason than to prevent lawsuits.

Alice Daglian, Windsor

*Original letter online at https://windsorstar.com/opinion/letters/reader-letter-lets-hope-lasalle-and-tecumseh-dont-approve-fluoride