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Letter: Phooey on fluoride!

Source: Tampa Bay News Weekly | By Max Sorrento
Posted on December 12th, 2018
Location: United States, Florida


Beginning in 2019, the city of Clearwater will begin dosing our water supply with fluoride. As a concerned citizen, I violently disagree with this decision made by the city council. The recent edition of “My Clearwater” magazine had a cover piece on the “sanctity” of our water supply which went on to describe the heroic virtues they implement by process of ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and advanced oxidation, so that by the time it reaches our tap or shower head, new meaning is brought to the word “Clearwater.”

Suffice it to say, then, it simply does not make sense to add fluoride to our already clear … water. It has only been made to appear desirable through the use of one-sided propaganda focusing exclusively on studies showing a lower rate of dental cavities. But please! That reason is simply not enough to go ahead and dose our water supply with a mineral that we first of all need precious little of, and second, by virtue of the fact that every toothpaste on the market is already dosed with fluoride! So we end up drinking it from the tap, brushing our teeth with it, and upon entering the shower, it will penetrate our skin once again to enter the bloodstream. This is beyond ridiculous!

Needless to say, too much of anything is certainly not good and fluoride is no exception. Did you know that beginning in 1997, any toothpaste containing fluoride has been required to carry a poison-control warning? Don’t believe me? The next time you brush your teeth, read the label. Is this not the very reason drug addicts overdose? Their mind tells them there will be no consequences if they ingest the drug, but their body tells them otherwise, often too late, with a death certificate to follow. Why then should anyone risk drinking, showering and brushing – and then rinsing with fluoridated water on our already fluoridated teeth, not to mention washing our hands a couple of times a day to boot. Face it: no doctor on Earth would ever agree there is a medication that is universally safe to be handed out unilaterally to every man, woman, child and fetus in the womb whether they are sick or not. Only the air we breathe may qualify for such universal intake. Yet foolishly, city council members think absolutely no one will be on deck to suffer from fluoridated water ingestion?

Yes, and I am the king of Egypt.

Why delude ourselves any longer that fluoride is on the same safe level as oxygen? It isn’t. Therefore, I can only kindly suggest that the public use toothpaste alternatives such as coconut oil, and reject their tap in favor of bottled water. Should you still feel the need for fluoride, be happy every time you take a shower, for beginning in January, no one will have any choice as they stand under their fluoridated shower head. At the end of the day, I say to those who voted on making this poor decision, shame on you and thanks for nothing.

Max Sorrento, Clearwater

*Original letter online at https://www.tbnweekly.com/largo_leader/article_a7e62c60-fd84-11e8-8f83-0f7b3205c10c.html