Fluoride Action Network

LETTER: Propaganda On Fluoridation?

Source: The Hartford Courant | July 6th, 2013 | By Paul Connett, DIrector, Fluoride Action Network

The Courant editorial “Bad Argument Then And Now” [July 4] offered none of the “more credible science” it claims rebuts the numerous reports of fluoridation‘s dangers I offered during state Sen. Joe Markley’s meeting.

Instead, it cites the CDC’s 1999 quote that “fluoridation is one of the great public health achievements of the 20th century” without realizing how poorly researched the article was that underpins this quote. This was six years out of date on health studies, and the graph demonstrating that fluoridation was the cause for the reduction in tooth decay in Americans can easily be refuted by observing that the World Health Organization recorded the same declines in many non-fluoridated countries.

This deceptive quote does not come from the CDC as a whole but emanates from its Oral Health Division. This division is about 30 people strong, most of whom have only dental qualifications. This statement is simply propaganda in support of its mission of promoting fluoridation.

I will be happy to provide Courant editorial writers with the same articles I shared with Sen. Markley (including the many studies showing that fluoride can damage both animal and human brains) to see if they can find any pro-fluoridation group to respond to them with science instead of propaganda.