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Letter. Re: Fluoride – Demand AARP Take Action

Source: AARP | November 11th, 2018 | By Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH

To my Fluoridation Friends:

Consider tobacco smoking. Certainly you would agree smoking tobacco has risks.

On the other hand, smoking has benefits. One must weight the benefits vs risks. My position, smoking is very bad. Risks=cancer, death, and more.

Like fluoride has benefits/risks, lets look closer at the benefits of tobacco smoking.

Smokers may have fewer knee surgeries, perhaps due to less obesity.
Smokers may have less Parkinson’s.
Smokers may have less obesity.
Smokers may react better to angioplasty.
Smoking may help the heart drug clopidogrel work better
Smoking reduces bleeding gums.

Most reasonable people would NOT accept the risks of smoking to achieve the possible benefits. However, I’ve known dentists who promoted smoking to reduce bleeding gums.

Given the vast amount of research on both smoking and fluoride, most reasonable people would not accept additional fluoride with fluoridation for everyone throughout their lives: when the potential benefit is up to age 8, other methods of dispensing fluoride are simple and cheaper, 60% are showing signs of too much fluoride (an enzymatic reactor), freedom of choice is lacking, and the risks of lower IQ, damaged thyroid, fractured hard tissue, damage to mitochondria, etc etc etc are serious.

An unbiased researcher looking at all streams of evidence would never accept fluoridation anymore than forcing tobacco on everyone because tobacco may have some benefit.

Fluoridation must be stopped, at least until quality research is provided on safety, efficacy and dosage.

Bill Osmunson DDS MPH

*Original letter online at https://community.aarp.org/t5/Brain-Health/Fluoride-Demand-AARP-Take-Action/m-p/2078546#M1525