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Lettter.Boothbay: Take fluoride out of town water

Source: Boothbay Register | August 15th, 2022 | By C. Marie Tupper, Boothbay Harbor
Location: United States, Maine

For years several of us have tried to petition for names to get three towns to meet and vote on removing fluoride from the town water. Years ago we had researched it and found it to be detrimental to our health, causing cancer. If that was not concern enough for some, it was also very expensive and not a pharmaceutical grade. Since fluoride is in water, it is also in drinks we purchase such as sodas, juices, beer, and anything that water is added to. We are consuming more of the now known toxin than anticipated. Unfortunately, it was too difficult a task to get enough signatures for three towns of petitions and then have the towns add it to the yearly town meetings in order to remove it.

In recent years, doctors and scientists have researched and discovered that fluoride is worse than they previously had known. A friend recently sent this link: 69 Reasons To Oppose Adding Fluoride To Water | Truth About Fluoride

It explains the 69 reasons not to put fluoride in drinking water due to consumption (fluoride is not meant to drink since it is not a pharmaceutical grade nor FDA approved) it being a health hazard including causing cancer, brain damage and dementia, damage to pineal gland and thyroid, bones, can affect births, etc. Some other reasons are that there is no correlation between fluoride ingestion and tooth decay. The CDC recommends not giving fluoridated water to babies. Many countries have banned it in their drinking water. The older studies back then on fluoride were poorly done. “Water fluoridation does not account for a person’s age, health, or vulnerability. So building upon the last point, since the dose is not controlled – it’s impossible to safely and effectively deliver it to the people.”

C. Marie Tupper
Boothbay Harbor

*Original letter online at https://www.boothbayregister.com/article/take-fluoride-out-town-water/163978