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Lockyer Valley landholders can apply for 1080 baits

Source: Gatton Star | April 2nd, 2015 | By Derek Barry
Location: Australia
Industry type: Pesticides

 Note from Fluoride Action Network:
1080 is the common name of a highly toxic pesticide called Sodium fluoroacetate. This is its molecular formula:

Lockyer Valley Regional Council is inviting landholders to apply and order baits for a Community 1080 baiting program for the region.

The program controls wild dogs, foxes and pigs, and orders for baits must be in by Friday, April 10.

The baiting program will be conducted on Wednesday, April 29 at the Gatton Saleyards from 9am to 11am.

The program is open only to properties greater than 40 hectares (100 acres) however, co-ordinated groups of adjoining landholders that combine to that size may be approved by Biosecurity Queensland.

The property must also be more than 5km from the nearest town, unless Biosecurity Queensland approved.

The bait is 1800 (Sodium Fluoroacetate) which is used to control wild dogs, feral pigs, cats and rabbits in Queensland.

It occurs naturally in some native plants including Georgina gidgee and is a fluffy white material at room temperature, which forms colourless solutions with water and is normally odourless.

Dogs and foxes are highly susceptible to 1080, and the small amount required to target these species poses a minimal threat to non-target species.

Prior to laying bait, the owner must give 72 hours prior notification to neighbours within 1km of the property.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council say applicants must supply a rate notice and an authority to sign form is required if obtaining baits for another person.

Property owners must retrieve and destroy baits within seven days of baiting.

Council and State Government may conduct random audits to monitor compliance with requirements.

Further information about the requirements of the program can be obtained by contacting Council’s Pest Management Officer on 1300 005 872.