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Louis Rensonnet of Parry Sound flabbergasted at doctors’ fluoride letter

Source: Parry Sound North Star | October 11th, 2018 | By Louis Rensonnet
Location: Canada, Ontario

Re: Parry Sound doctors support water fluoridation for health of community

After a lot of debate about fluoridation, the only conclusion is: Some people believe in fluoridation of water distribution.

Some people are against it (including medical authorities in a lot of other countries.)

But it is not what the referendum is about!

If you answer “Yes” to fluoride in the water, you impose a preventive medication to everyone drinking water in Parry Sound (and a lot of tax money. to boot).

If you answer “No,” everyone is free to take care of himself.

I respect the dedicated doctors we have in Parry Sound. However, when they prescribe medications, we are still free to take them or refuse them. So I am flabbergasted when they use their moral authority to recommend giving the municipality the right to impose fluoride upon all the users of Parry Sound water distribution (never mind if they drink a little or a lot of water).

Do not forget to vote!

Louis Rensonnet,
Parry Sound

*Original letter online at https://www.parrysound.com/opinion-story/8959881-louis-rensonnet-of-parry-sound-flabbergasted-at-doctors-fluoride-letter/