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Lynden council swears in two new members

Lynden Tribune | Jan 10, 2024 | By Cal Bratt
Posted on January 10th, 2024

LYNDEN — Actual City Council voting on discontinuing fluoridation of municipal water may be months away.

A newly constituted council agreed on Jan. 2 to take up the topic in 2024. But the formal process, which likely will include a public hearing, will stretch out a while, starting with a Jan. 17 vote on simply notifying the public of the possible change.

Councilor Gary Bode, who favors removing fluoride, said the current action is just to begin a change schedule, which must provide 90 days of notice by state law.

City Attorney Robert Carmichael clarified that a public hearing is not required by law, but it would make for a “better process” and he recommends it.

Fluoride in drinking water at proper concentration has been a recognized dental health practice for some 75 years. It has been added in Lynden since 1959, and about 73% of the U.S. population has fluoridated water.

But a group has lobbied the Lynden City Council with its concerns about alleged adverse effects and violating personal choice about fluoride. At several council meetings, people have spoken both for and against fluoridation, and the debate has carried over into local media coverage.

Councilor Brent Lenssen suggested having any hearing over two council meetings, and with Mayor Scott Korthuis it was discussed, for when the time comes, of having a limit of three minutes per speaker, emphasizing not repeating comments, and urging fuller remarks in writing.

Because this is not a quasi-judicial type of issue, councilors may talk freely with citizens about fluoride in drinking water.

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