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Margaret River: Fluoride debate revives

March 12th, 2013
Location: Australia

A FLUORIDE Free WA spokesperson wants to warn Margaret River residents of potential fluoridisation of the water supply.

James Fairbairn, who is based in Perth, is worried the town faces mandatory water fluoridation, “a violation of our individual right to informed consent”.

Public comment was sought in July 2008 on a plan to fluoridate the Margaret River water supply.

In a press release at the time, Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Advisory Committee chairman Richard Lugg said the proposal would bring the towns into line with almost 98 per cent of the Western Australian public who received fluoridated drinking water.

Dr Lugg said that both local and international evidence showed fluoridation of public drinking water supplies significantly reduced the incidence of dental decay.

Mr Fairbairn, however, said: “More than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers link fluoride to health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disruption, impaired child brain development, dental and skeletal fluorosis.”

Carnarvon shire successfully fought off fluoridation in 2012, with the health minister agreeing not to introduce it into their water supply after 800 letters were provided objecting to the proposal.

Some Yanchep residents also put up a fight against fluoridation in 2011.

A Department of Health official said: “No recommendation has been made thus far regarding fluoridating the water supply in Margaret River. The Department of Health will seek further direction from the Minister for Health after the election.”

Last week Australian Dental Association president Karin Alexander said: “Reducing the frequency of dental decay and disease is in everybody’s interests. We hope that all levels of government, and especially those local councils that are deciding whether to continue the fluoridation of their water supplies, seriously consider this latest scientific research report.

“The ADA continues to be dismayed with the scare-mongering from fringe groups that lack consideration of the national and international scientific evidence, such as that outlined in the recently published report of the significant benefits for dental health that occurs from the fluoridation of water supplies.

“The majority of the researchers that developed the Effects of Fluoridated Drinking Water on Dental Caries in Australian Adults article are from the University of Adelaide.”

The article can be obtained by contacting the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health: (08) 8313 4046.

More information on the Fluoride Free campaign can be found at www.facebook.com./FluorideFreeWA and meetup.com/Fluoride-Free-WA.