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Meadville. LETTER: Fluoride vote by MAWA was ‘railroaded through’

Source: The Meadville Tribune | June 23rd, 2017 | By Anne V. Furno

I was present at the meeting on June 14 at the senior center in Meadville where the Meadville Area Water Authority voted on the issue of fluoridating Meadville’s public water system. I must say I have never seen anything that was so railroaded through as this vote was. Why was the public invited to attend this meeting and speak? The majority of those speaking (I was one) were against the fluoridating of the water. I hope people will watch the televised program on Armstrong. I was totally appalled at Dr. Abe Finton’s statement where he said we should all be willing to give up some of our freedoms so the children could have fluoride for their dental needs. I wonder how the veterans out there feel about that after fighting in numerous wars to protect our freedoms, and the families of those veterans who gave their lives for our freedoms (Dr. Finton’s included).

As I have stated on many occasions, fluoride treatment is readily available to those who want it — it is not necessary to have it put in our water. Teachers in our local school district have told me that children have been seen throwing the fluoride pills away after getting them at school. I believe it is criminal to force everyone to have fluoride in their public drinking water. My prayer and hope is that someone will start a move to get this issue on the voting ballot as should have been done. Several other counties have chosen to have fluoride removed from their water systems. There are legions of residents in Meadville, West Mead and Vernon who oppose fluoride in the public water. Come on, people. Stand up and be counted. This is very serious and I don’t believe it will go away ever.



*Original letter online at http://www.meadvilletribune.com/opinion/letter-fluoride-vote-by-mawa-was-railroaded-through/article_d202e552-55d2-11e7-8c56-93a7e4844d62.html