Health Minister Micheal Martin has been accused of “truth decay” about our tap water.

The claim comes from campaigners who want to stop fluoride being added to supplies.

Fluoride is put in drinking water to help prevent tooth decay, but Fluoride Free Water claims there are several health risks associated with the chemicals used.

A statement by Fluoride Free Water claims that the Health Minister misled the Dail.

The Minister responded to a question from Green T.D. John Gormley about fluoride.

The minister was asked “if chromium is present in hydrofluosilicic acid, the fluoridating agent imported from Holland?”

The minister’s response on the day was “no” but Fluoride Free Water have since had an independent chemical analysis done on the chemical cocktail.

They say it shows that chromium levels are 3,763ppb (parts per billion) and levels of arsenic are even higher at 4,829ppb.

“According to the Irish Medicines Board, this hydrofluosilicic acid has never been proven safe or effective”, says dental surgeon Dr. Don Mac Auley, a member of Fluoride Free Water.

“Not surprisingly it is unregistered, unlicensed and not considered to be a medicine”, he added.

Ireland is the only democracy that has mandatory nationwide fluoridation.

The decision to fluoridate rests with one person – the Minister of Health.

The Fluoride Free Water group claims that the addition of fluoirde to drinking water can be linked to cancer, osteoporosis and genetic damage.