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Muskoka: District pushes fluoridation end date

Source: CottageCountryNow.ca | October 30th, 2013 | By Alison Brownlee
Location: Canada, Ontario

MUSKOKA – Fluoridation of municipal water in Muskoka will last a little longer than expected.

Herman Clemens, director of water and sewer operations for the District of Muskoka, said the district had previously targeted Nov. 4 as the date to end municipal water fluoridation in the region, but has since shifted the date to Nov. 11 to allow more time to notify residents.

Clemens said the district received confirmation from the Ministry of the Environment on Oct. 30 that it can stop fluoridation.

“We were waiting for confirmation from the Ministry of the Environment to stop our fluoridation practice. But it doesn’t affect our drinking water permits or our environmental compliance approvals. I just got confirmation this morning concerning that,” he said. “Basically, we can move forward with stopping fluoride.”

But staff wants enough time to notify residents about the discontinuation before it turns off the pumps.

District council decided at its Oct. 21 meeting to stop fluoridating municipal water supplies.