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N. Attleboro eyes temporary fluoride halt

Source: The Sun Chronicle | October 15th, 2003

NORTH ATTLEBORO — The town’s lawyer is being asked to investigate whether the board of health can temporarily halt fluoridation of the town’s water supply.

The idea was discussed during a meeting held between the Plainville Water Commission and the North Attleboro Board of Health, part of a renewed effort to jointly resolve the fluoridation issue that divides the two communities.

Water commissioners said they have fully explored technical ideas for keeping fluoride out of Plainville’s water, but they are not economically feasible. Water Commissioner Lee Ross said that leaves only two options to resolve the situation — either North Attleboro has to stop fluoridating its water or Plainville needs to approve adding fluoride to its supply. Both ideas are being explored in the joint effort between the communities.

The possibility of temporarily halting fluoridation was broached by James Marshall, Plainville’s water superintendent.