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Nature and Fluoride for All

Source: American Council on Science and Health - Facts & Fears | July 11th, 2008
Location: United States, ACSH

Millions of Americans do not receive fluoridated water

Sixty years after fluoridation was introduced into some public water systems, 30% of Americans still aren’t receiving fluoridated water. “This is a prima facie case of public health negligence,” Jeff Stier believes. Even some major cities — like San Diego, Portland, Honolulu, and Witchita — still don’t fluoridate their water supplies.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, and adding it to public water systems has no negative health effects, despite the claims of the vocal anti-fluoride community. “We’re talking about one part per million here, and the effect it can have on preventing tooth decay is amazing,” says Dr. Whelan. “The under-utilization of fluoride is mind-boggling.”