Brightmark Books announces the release of Dr. Donald Robbins’ new book, The Toxic Dental Office: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family. Robbins paints a “disturbing picture of patient risk” and the ADA’s role in promoting mercury and fluoride.

EXTON, Pa./EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 1, 2009 — In advance of the FDA’s ruling on the safety of mercury dental fillings, Brightmark Books has announced the release of Dr. Donald Robbins’ new book, The Toxic Dental Office: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family. Robbins, a BioSafeDentist and patient advocate, draws on hundreds of independent studies and his own clinical experience to paint a picture of patient risk that, according to Ocean Cooperative publishing consultant Robert Buckland, “must disturb anyone not already familiar with the facts.”

In the course of the book, Robbins documents:

• The so-called Fluorogate scandal, a “breathtakingly sinister and cynical exploitation of American citizens that bureaucrats and scientists constructed in the 1940s to cover up the abuse of war-effort chemical workers.” This series of events led directly to the fluoridation of water in many North American cities.

• The disbanding of the American Society of Dental Surgeons, a professional association that suspended members for using mercury amalgam, and its replacement by the American Dental Association, which until recently expelled members who did not use mercury amalgam.

• The findings of mainstream studies that compare the more than 50% of U.S. residents served by fluoridated water systems with residents of unfluoridated areas.

• The results of the U.S. Public Health Service study that exposed the link between fluoride ingestion and osteosarcoma in boys.

• An assemblage of facts that has been successfully hidden by the retreating dental establishment, including such straightforward bombshells as this: As of Sept. 7, 2007, as determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the use of mercury in dental fillings is unsafe.

Robbins has recently appeared before the city council of Philadelphia to successfully argue for the patients’ right to be told what materials – such as mercury – are being used in their mouths. Arguing against patient-informed consent were representatives of the American Dental Association. Dr. Robbins is the founder of The Dental Learning Resource, LLC and has established BioSafeDentistry, a protocol of practices and products that promises to bring the dental profession into line with current science. He has appeared on television and radio and lectures to professionals and the public on toxic exposures and on BioSafeDentistry practices.

The Toxic Dental Office: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family is available at and will soon be available in bookstores.

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