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New York City babies are fluoride-overdosed, hidden study shows

Source: Press Release: New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. | October 22nd, 2015
Location: United States, New York

A recently uncovered document reveals that New York City infants are fluoride overdosed and risk fluoride-damaged teeth, especially when infant formula is mixed with NYC’s fluoride-laced public water supplies, reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).

To avoid moderate dental fluorosis (fluoride-damaged teeth) the Institute of Medicine (1997) recommends 6-month-olds and younger consume only 0.01 milligrams fluoride daily.

However, a freedom-of-information obtained 1988 report “A Study of Fluoride Intake in New York State Residents,” by Featherstone reveals that NYC 6-month-olds consume unsafe levels (0.4 milligrams daily from food and beverages). Nationally, fluorosis afflicts 41% of adolescents and is rising in prevalence and severity. (CDC 2010)

The American Dental Association describes moderate dental fluorosis as “All tooth surfaces affected; marked wear on biting surfaces; brown stain may be present.” (2005 Fluoridation Facts)

Featherstone writes, “…tea and grape juice are high in fluoride.” (Some MD’s prescribe weak tea for babies’ tummy aches) and “Foods cooked with fluoridated water, such as rice and mashed potatoes, are high in fluoride.” While fluoride ingestion causes dental fluorosis, Featherstone says only topical application benefits teeth.

All infant formula contains fluoride at levels higher than recommended for 6-month-olds. (Journal of the American Dental Association)

Hidden fluoride in baby foods can also mar babies’ teeth, also, according to General Dentistry and Infant juices, too.

Also not publicized is evidence that fluorosis is more prevalent and severe in African Americans and known since 1962.

“Fluoride, neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth, is a prescription drug with side effects. NYC government officials continue to overdose babies by mandating fluoridation,” says attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President.

NYC residents can help the newly-formed NYC Coalition Against Artificial Fluoridation which is working to stop fluoridation in NYC. (Contact nyc.caaf@gmail.com).

“Insist that NYC Mayor DiBlasio and the City Council stop forcing unnecessary, money-wasting, potentially health-robbing fluoride chemicals into your bodies via the water supplies,” says Beeber.

Another ignored 1990 study by the NYS DoH reported that fluoride can be harmful to kidney patients, diabetics and those with fluoride hypersensitivity even at “optimal” levels.

“There is no scientifically valid reason to continue fluoridation,” says Beeber. “It must end.”

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Contact: Paul Beeber, JD  516-433-8882 nyscof@aol.com