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Newburyport City Council to discuss fluoride ballot question tonight

Source: The Daily News (Newburyport) | January 12th, 2015 | By Dyke Hendrickson, Staff writer

The Newburyport City Council is scheduled to meet tonight at 7:30, and one of the items of business is discussion of a possible referendum on the use of fluoride in the city’s water supply.

Councilors will discuss adding a referendum question regarding fluoride to a Nov. 3 ballot.

In recent months, a small group of citizens has expressed concern that use of fluoride in the city’s drinking water is bad for consumers. They requested a hearing in front of the Board of Health, and those on both sides of the issue had the opportunity to speak.

Now anti-fluoride advocates appear to be approaching the City Council in an effort to put the matter to a vote in November’s election.

The matter was put on the agenda by councilors Ari Herzog and Meghan Kinsey.

Also on the agenda…