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Nipawin: Fluoridation referendum a no go

Source: Nipawin Journal | June 16th, 2017
Location: Canada, Saskatchewan

Nipawin Town Council took a few weeks to decide if holding a referendum on the fluoridation of water would be in the best interest of residents in the area.

Councillor Ray Serack says he spoke to people in town who wanted Council to decide for them.

“[They said] ‘we put you on Council to make decisions at your discretion,’ ” he said during a regular Council meeting on June 12.

Councillor Jeff Stewart says he received the same feedback from people in the community when he asked them about holding a fluoridation referendum.

“I was told, ‘we don’t need a referendum -have Council make a decision,’ ” he said.

When it came time for Council to be asked the question, if it agreed to hold a referendum, no councillor was in favour. All were opposed except for Mayor Harper who says she raised her hand asking for a refernedum but with a majority voting against a referendum during the fall by-election, the motion was then defeated.

Mayor Harper says that will mean the decision comes back to Council.

“The conversation will come back to Council then, there just won’t be a referendum,” said Harper.

* Original article online at http://www.nipawinjournal.com/2017/06/15/fluoridation-referendum-a-no-go