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No remedy for diseases caused by fluoride, says doctor

Source: Free Press Journal | November 27th, 2019
Location: India

Jharkhand: Locals in Chukru village have been suffering from physical deformities for many years, allegedly due to the presence of fluoride in water. Unfortunately, doctors say that there is no remedy for the disease.

“Through the bloodstream, the fluoride gets deposited in bones and different organs of the body. It affects ones spine joints and causes disability. Ultimately, the persons becomes a liability for the family,” said Dr Arun Shukla, senior orthopaedist.

He said that there is no remedy for the disease caused by fluoride.

“We can classify the disease into two categories– one is dental fluorosis and the second is skeletal fluorosis. But there is no remedy for it,” he said.

Locals claim that the presence of fluoride in drinking water has caused physical disabilities among the residents for the last 25 years. Rajeshwar Pal, a villager said, “The contaminated water damages our bones and teeth. Many young people have lost their lives. We are facing this issue for the last 25 years. Nobody in the village is above 50 years old. I am 69-year-old and I am the oldest person here. The government suggested that we leave the place, but we all are handicapped. How can we survive somewhere else?” he said.

“Once a social activist came here and took the sample from the hand-pump and well and it was found that the sample had fluoride. I have back pain since the last 20 to 22 years,” said Satya Narayan.

Ingestion of excessive fluoride, most commonly in drinking water can cause fluorosis, which affects the teeth and bone. Moderate amount affects the teeth, but long term ingestion of large amounts can lead to potentially severe skeleton problems.

*Original article online at https://in.news.yahoo.com/no-remedy-diseases-caused-fluoride-192827036.html