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North Burnett: CMC dismisses fluoride complaint

Source: Central Telegraph | April 15th, 2011 | By Russel Guse
Location: Australia

THE Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) has not found any evidence in complaints made by North Burnett anti-fluoride campaigners that Queensland’s chief health officer Jeannette Young gave misleading information to the State Government to help push for mandatory fluoridation.

Anti Fluoride Alliance member Colin Bishop asked for the CMC investigation after what he believed was misleading and contradictory information was supplied by Dr Young.

“In my opinion, Jeannette Young has taken false and misleading information to the government, which they have used to make their decision (for mandatory fluoridation),” Mr Bishop said last week.

“She has made statements saying people of all ages will benefit from drinking fluoridated water; however in her letter, it states clearly that fluoride will not fix decaying teeth.”

In her letter to Mr Bishop, Dr Young stated fluoride was not intended to reduce the extent of decay in a tooth that was already decaying; rather the addition of fluoride was to reduce the incidence of tooth decay in the population.

A CMC representative told Central Telegraph the complaint had been assessed and Mr Bishop had been advised that his concerns did not amount to possible official misconduct, as defined by the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001.

“On that basis, the CMC will not be taking further action on Mr Bishop’s complaint,” the representative said.

Mr Bishop remained defiant, stating he had more to give to the CMC.

“They know that I have reams of evidence of ‘corruption’ but they don’t have the resources to follow this up because they are too busy investigating a ‘possible bribe attempt’ in the LNP,” Mr Bishop said.

Mr Bishop is a member of an alliance campaigning against putting fluoride into the water supplies of Monto and two other North Burnett towns

He said he would continue to fight fluoridation, despite the LNP supporting it and Dr Young shutting the door on hopes fluoridation may be reversed.

“The Queensland Government does not intend to reconsider this important public health decision,” Dr Young said.

Mr Bishop plans to continue his fight at public meetings being organised by North Burnett Regional Council and Queensland Health.

Dates and venues for the meetings have yet to be determined.