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Nowata City Commissioners Vote to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Source: Coffeyville Journal | Special to the Journal
Posted on March 5th, 2002
Location: United States, Oklahoma

NOWATA (OKLAHOMA) – On the recommendation of the water plant operator the Nowata City Council voted 4 – 0 Monday night to discontinue treating the drinking water with fluoride.

Sid Hudson, water plant manager, told the commission he had been researching fluoride on the Internet and had also read articles about it and the high incidents of cancer in the Nowata area and had come to the conclusion it was not good.

“Bartlesville did away with it two years ago,” Hudson said. “The state doesn’t demand you do it. 20-20 did a lot of research on it. It is highly toxic, found in rat poison. It costs $6,000 a year plus the cost of the four tests we have to do every day that the state requires. If the commission is in agreement I would like to put this before you for a vote.”

“I’ve read the report you gave us and I’m satisfied with what it said,” Commissioner Carol Stephens said. “I’ll make a motion to accept Sid’s recommendation to remove fluoride from our water.”

The motion was seconded by Commissioner Judy Hesslen and approved by Stephens, Hesslen, John Carroll Jr. and Mayor Phil Ogden. Commissioner John “Bunky” Krouse was absent.