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NZ: Letter. Fluoride or sugar? By Carl Mather.

Source: The Northland Age | By Carl Mather
Posted on April 1st, 2021
Location: New Zealand

Dr Roger Tuck (Letters, March 25) is adamant that fluoride is the answer
to tooth decay, as it “is one of the most effective public health measures of all time, and has the potential to cut the devastating amount of tooth decay seen in our children”.

Surely reducing/eliminating the quantity of sugars, both simple and
complex, from our diet is a far more effective measure? Dr Tuck has
seemingly passed this rather obvious, solution by. This would also reduce obesity. heart attacks, etc, etc.

I’m sure Dr Tuck knows this already.

As for fluoridation being ‘the most effective public health measure’,
really? How about public sanitation for starters? I think Dr Tuck has let
his passion get away with him to write such hyperbole. ·

Also, “the science is done and dusted”. Really, Dr Tuck? I don’t believe that is true, ever. Surely the freedom to doubt and speak our minds is critical to having democracy.

I recall a famous 19th century scientist telling up-and-coming physics students to choose some other career, as everything in physics
had already been discovered. There is plenty of opposing evidence to the
current belief in fluoridation.

And finally, the choice of fluoridation, and it must always be a
choice, is up to parents/individuals, not some overlord.

There seems to be a strong developing meme recently that we should all just accept the official line and stop questioning and speaking out both with this fluoridation and the Covid meme especially, but also many other current topics. I am very suspicious of those who want us to just accept what they believe, often without offering any cause or  evidence.

Carl Mather

*Original letter online at http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/nz.letters.mather.connett.howard.byrne_.northland-age-april-1-2021.pdf