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Oberon: Debate over water fluoridation continues

Source: Oberon Review | February 25th, 2014
Location: Australia

OBERON Residents Against Fluoridation (ORAF) have urged councillors to learn more about the dangers of fluoride poisoning before making a decision about the town’s water.

Two presentations were made at Oberon Council meeting on Tuesday night.

Veronika Cvitanovic and Phillip Haynes from the ORAF group each had five minutes to put their case forward.

Ms Cvitanovic handed documents to all councillors encouraging them to read in full to be more informed to the dangers of fluoride poisoning.

Ms Cvitanovic explained about her own experience with a thyroid problem and this has been traced back to fluoride.

Ms Cvitanovic said the people of Oberon are potentially going to be put in harm’s way.

“This is like asbestos and lead poisoning in the 70s. We were told these were safe.”

Phillip Haynes said he had submitted documents via email to every councillor with information compiled by a leading specialist in Canada in relation to fluoride in water.

Mr Haynes asked Mayor John McMahon what population percentage of the municipality of Oberon will receive reticulated fluoride water, how much does water the industry use and what will be the cost to ratepayers?

Cr McMahon said 50 per cent of Oberon’s population will receive fluoridated water and the cost for ratepayers will be minimal.

Mr Haynes said all costing information should be made available to the public.

Council are holding an information session regarding fluoridation of water on Wednesday, March 12 with a presentation from NSW Government Health representatives.

May Haynes ask if they could have a speaker at the information session as the community were entitled to know all the pros and cons.

Council agreed to allow a speaker from ORAF to speak at the information session.

There will also be two community forums – March 20 at Oberon Showground Hall starting at 6pm and March 26 at the Oberon RSL Club at 6pm.