ON September 11, 2018, Oberon Council was supplied with the raw, unedited survey data collected from a community-led door-to-door survey asking the unambiguous question: “Do you want fluoridation – yes or no?”

Survey sheets were also located publicly at various businesses and other locations within the township and were notified in the Oberon Review as such.

This was a monumental undertaking conducted over seven weeks initiated by two very dedicated ladies with the assistance of several other concerned residents.

Their goal was to gather the largest sample of the Oberon township they could. No prior analysis was done on the data, just a basic count, so that council would have the raw data well prior to the Tuesday council meeting on September 18.

No result was publicised. It was fully expected that council would do their own analysis of the data and arrive at their own conclusion.

They did, and had naught but ridicule and scorn for the survey.

After basic analysis and spreadsheeting of the data by the survey team, and recontacting survey participants by phone to confirm addresses, it was determined the result of the survey was a firm 76 per cent opposition to fluoridation of Oberon’s public water supply, taken from 580 confirmed town-only entries.

Unlike the council-preferred, NSW Health-funded Social Research Centre survey of only 371 by phone (two-thirds from out of town), the community-led survey was a completely transparent undertaking.

Anybody wishing to inspect the raw data and the analysis is welcome to contact either myself on 0498 488 886 or Tracey Watson on 0455 477 609. Anybody with complaints or queries about the integrity of the survey is welcome to do the same.

The survey team would like to thank all the survey participants, both for and against, for contributing to the survey.

I believe council have also just received new evidence from an audit of the NSW Environmental Protection Agency not only admitting fluoride is an environmental pollutant, but that it has increased by six per cent in the year since their previous report.

That will be an extra 6-700kg of what I believe is a toxic product getting poured into our pristine environment every year (remembering that officially 99.6 per cent of the fluoridated water goes straight down the drain, not over the teeth).

I believe council have also received a current certificate of analysis from the Chinese company shipping this product directly to the Australian company selling it to council water authorities in NSW.

This analysis puts to bed the hoax that this product is in any way natural. Where does it come from? What else is in it? Council still hasn’t answered these questions directly.

I put this challenge to the active pro-fluoride residents out there and call on those against fluoridation to consider as well.

Let’s pool our efforts and do the one thing the council were not prepared to do and professionally survey this town.

There are independent survey teams out there that can settle this. I am prepared to chip in $1000 to help fund a legitimate, on-the-ground, door-to-door, neutral survey of this town strictly on the question of fluoridation.

Someone both sides can trust. You’ve got my number. Let’s find out the truth together.

Chris Freeman

*Original letter online at https://www.oberonreview.com.au/story/5667907/letter-lets-pool-our-efforts-to-find-out-the-true-fluoride-support/?cs=13495