Medical monitoring protocols have been established by the three-member C8 Medical Monitoring Panel.

… The six affected water districts that were part of the C8 lawsuit are Belpre, Little Hocking, Pomeroy and Tuppers Plains in Ohio and Lubeck Public Service District and Mason County PSD in West Virginia. The original class action was filed in 2001. The settlement was filed in 2005. The science panel was to determine whether there was a probable link between C8 exposure and human disease. Nearly 70,000 people in the six affected water districts who were part of the lawsuit were tested and had medical histories taken in addition to several other studies including DuPont employees.

… Also part of the lawsuit’s settlement, a three-member independent Science Panel of epidemiologists agreed to by both sides earlier concluded its work last fall, announcing it had found probable links found between C8 exposure and pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease and medically diagnosed high cholesterol.

… The medical monitoring panels’ announced protocols were released in a 52-page report filed last week in Wood County Circuit Court…

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