Fluoridation segment excerpted from longer article

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Mark Court and Jim Van Dorn from the Wyoming Rural Water Association appeared in opposition to the city’s proposal to add fluoride to the water supply. Court said one way to look at the issue was to view fluoride as a prescription drug.

“As a licensed water operator, I do not feel I should be administering prescription medicine,” Court said.

Court also characterized fluoride as a toxic additive, citing warning labels on fluoride toothpaste tubes that warn users to contact poison control if children swallow the toothpaste. Court also noted that residents would still ingest fluoride through the food chain from food animals in areas with naturally or artificially occurring fluoride.

“I think education needs to take place,” Van Dorn said.

Court and Van Dorn also produced several studies and a short video produced by the Fluoride Action Network, an organization that is against the use of fluoride in water supplies. Torrington resident Paul Puebla also spoke, agreeing with Court and Van Dorn.