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Painted Post Celebrates Water Fluoridation as Corning Prepares to Vote

Source: Chanel 36 ABC-TV | October 14th, 2008 | By Laura Hutchinson
Location: United States, New York

CORNING– The City of Corning is just a few weeks away from finding out whose decision it will be to decide whether or not to fluoridate the city’s water.

Something its neighbor, Painted Post has had for 35 years and local dentists are celebrating.“The people of Painted Post have had fluoridation for 35 years and we don’t see people dropping over dead because of the fluoride in the water,” John Gunselman of Steuben County Dental said.

Dr. John Gunselman and his colleagues are honoring the late mayor of Painted Post Dr. David Schirmer.He served as mayor from 1973 to 1974 after the devastating flood of 1972.

“His vision for the future for the village was to get on back on its feet as quickly as possible, and in a sense, in a better state,” said Schirmer’s son, David Schirmer.

Schirmer and some local dentists say he made it better when he worked for and achieved water fluoridation.

“Many of the elderly people have retained their natural teeth and they’re subject to decay also, fluoride helps them,” Schirmer’s friend and colleague, Vincent Sementilli said.

It’s now an issue Corning residents will consider on the November ballot.

Kirk Huttleston and more than 500 of his neighbors petitioned the council’s right to vote on the issue, which is what brought it to a referendum.

“The issue of water is way too important to be given to nine people, I wanted that to be given local control,” Huttleston said.

A “No” vote would maintain city officials’ power to have a final vote on the fluoridation.

But, Huttleston says signs around the city promoting a “no” vote are misleading.

“It should say, maintain local in the city council chamber and keep it away from the community and the people of Corning,” Huttleston added.

Voters can ask for an explanation of the yes and no before they cast their vote November 4th.