Fluoride Action Network

Park Hills water fluoridation survey

Source: City of Park Hills, MO | June 26th, 2015
Location: United States, Missouri

The city water department invites all water customers to participate in a quick survey to inform the decision to preserve, lower or eliminate fluoride added to city water.  Clicking on this link [also, see below] will allow you to express your preferences for fluoride in the city water system.

Your privacy is important. This electronic survey will show overall preferences to your city leaders without recording any individual identifying information about participants.

Water System Reports

If you wish to learn more about Park Hills water, please click here to see annual reports found at the bottom of the utility web page.

1. Do you wish to have the new, lower recommended level of fluoride added to Park Hills water to prevent dental cavities?
2. Do you wish to have no fluoride added to Park Hills water, with dental cavity protection reduced to the natural level of fluoride found in the well water?
3. Do you want the city to spend the usual $16,000 per year to continue the current level of fluoride in Park Hills water?