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Patiala: Treated water supply project expected to be completed by 2023

Source: The Tribune | July 5th, 2021
Location: India

The construction of water treatment plants and laying of pipeline under the canal-based water supply project coming up at Mandoli, Pabra and Nanowal is expected to complete within the stipulated time as per officials of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (Public Health) Department.

The project will supply 6.9 crore litres of safe drinking water to 404 villages of Ghanaur, Rajpura, Sanour blocks of Patiala district and Khera block of Fatehgarh Sahib district. The project is expected to be completed at a cost of Rs474.03 crore.

The ground water of these villages is affected due to fluoride content. Officials said a total of 253 km DI pipeline out of 623 km had been laid, along with over 30 per cent progress, in construction of three water treatment plants. It was expected that the project would be completed by January 2023, officials added.

With completion of the project, there would be no need to install individual RO plants in households, said officials. Also quality water would be supplied to villagers at a marginal cost, officials added.

The Rajpura and Ghanaur MLAs, Hardial Singh Kamboj and Madan Lal Jalalpur, respectively, said 69 villages of the Sanaur area would benefit from the completion of the project.

The Executive Engineer, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Ramanpreet Singh, said the construction of water treatment plants at Mandoli, Pabra and Nanowal had already started. “Raw water will be taken from Arnouli distributary at Mandoli village, Kauli distributary at Pabri village and Rajpura distributary at Nanowal village,” he added.

Meanwhile, the work of internal improvement is also being covered under the project. A 171 km PVC pipeline will be laid under the Mandoli cluster to strengthen the distribution network in villages. In all, 18,342 new water connections will be issued to consumers in these villages. Besides, a 117 km PVC pipeline will be laid under the Pabra cluster.—TNS

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