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Mulwala: Pearse O’Connor hunger strike about fluoride has clocked up 10 days

Source: The Border Mail | December 10th, 2015 | By David Johnston
Location: Australia

MULWALA resident Pearse O’Connor has entered day 10 of his hunger strike and has admitted his protest is starting to take a toll.

The 50-year-old is protesting against the pending introduction of fluoride into Mulwala’s water supply which could happen as early as Friday.

“It has become a lot more difficult than what it was a couple of days ago,” Mr O’Connor said.

“My body keeps telling me I need to eat something.

“But my head keeps telling me you are not going to do it.

“I am waiting for them to blink because I am not going to blink.

“But I don’t want to do myself any permanent damage or harm.”

Mr O’Connor is experiencing sharp pains in his lower stomach region after commencing his hunger strike on December 1.

He is surviving on water and a glass of milk each day.

“All the Corowa Council has to do is tell the truth,” Mr O’Connor said.

“All they have to say is ‘yes, there was a mistake made, we didn’t consult the community as we should, we will hold off and ask the people of Mulwala do you want it or not?’

“It is what we are entitled under the law.

“They could be putting hair tonic in the water, but they still have to ask us under the law in NSW.”

Corowa mayor Paul Miegel said on Thursday council wouldn’t halt the introduction of fluoride at Mulwala with a sign off on associated works already ticked off.

“It is a situation I don’t like to be in, but it is personal decision for Mr O’Connor and that is his choice,” he said.

Cr Miegel said the consultation about fluoride was made before he joined council in 2012.

“I’m confused as to why it became a hot potato with less than a month to go.”