Fluoride problem and lack of employment opportunities still dog the Hindupur Lok Sabha constituency. Several villages in Nallamada and Obula Devara Cheruvu (ODC) mandals of Kadiri Assembly constituency are affected by fluoride problem and people are forced to shift to other places for safe drinking water.

Another problem is of lack of industries. With no job opportunities, people of this constituency are forced to go to places like Mumbai in search of livelihood. The gravity of the situation can be gauged by the fact that human trafficking is more from areas falling under this constituency.

A science city had been proposed promising jobs to thousands of youth, but it did not materialise. Similar was the fate of Lepakshi Knowledge Hub at Kodikonda, which did not see the light of the day.  The only jobs available here are in the four cotton mills and nearly 20 iron factories. However, most of those jobs are taken by workers from Bihar and Jharkhand. There has been a long pending demand that locals be provided jobs in these industries.

Sericulture, a thriving business in this area, needs support and the cocoon market is in immediate need of strengthening. Another major source of revenue for the people of this constituency is tamarind and mirchi cultivation, for which it is famous. But, there is no cold storage facility, despite a long-standing demand.

Assembly segments in the constituency are: Hindupur, Madakasira (SC), Puttaparti, Penukonda, Kadiri, Raptadu and Dharmavaram.