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Philomath: Citizens ask Philomath council to re-think fluoridation move

Source: Gazette Times | June 14th, 2011 | By Nancy Raskauskas
Location: United States, Oregon


Monday night, the Philomath City Council listened to citizen testimony that was overwhelmingly in favor of the council revisiting its unanimous decision on May 9 to remove fluoride from city water…

Max Bierek, who installed water systems and whose son Matthew is on the council, was the first and only citizen to speak clearly in favor of the council’s decision to phase our fluoridation

The elder Bierek said his wife has renal failure and diabetes.

“Before we moved here, she had about 50 percent of her kidney function. Now it’s down to about 29 percent,” he said. He added that one of her doctor’s told her that if she continues to drink the city water, she could end up on dialysis for her kidneys. Now she drinks bottled water…

After a quick poll by Mayor Ken Schaudt, the Philomath councilors decided by consensus to revisit the topic of fluoridation, and invite more public comment, at its July 11 meeting.

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