As we enter the final week of the May election cycle, the big money continues to flow into the “yes” side of Measure 26-151, which calls for the fluoridation of Portland’s water supply.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland reported two contributions totaling $68,000 from the Dentists of Oregon PAC, bringing that group’s total giving to the campaign to $98,000. The anti-fluoridation campaign, Clean Water Portland reported a $6,000 contribution from a local woman named Michelle Bain and $5,000 from the Fluoride Action Network.

With today’s filings the campaigns have collectively crossed the million-dollar mark. Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland has raised $754,000 and has $95,000 on hand. Clean Water Portland has raised $253,000 and has $35,000 on hand.

Ballots will be counted May 21.