Fluoride Action Network

Portland: Photos From the Anti-Fluoridation Rally on 8/21

Source: http://nofluoridepdx.blogspot.com | August 21st, 2012
Location: United States, Oregon


Rally organizer Angel Lambart is interviewed by KOIN channel 6 reporter Ken Bodie.


Several attendees of the rally discussed fluoride and its effects on children, especially babies.


A giant poster was created to display to cars passing.


Fluorides effect on local brewers was a concern.


Protesters went to great lengths to share their message.


Some signs explained the medical impact of fluoride on the brain.


A chemist explains to a reporter what fluoride is, from a scientific perspective.


Succinct messages.




A crowd discusses the future of Portlands water.


A woman waves to cars driving by, with some drivers honking in support of protesters.