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Prince George: Fluoridation may be referendum in 2014

Source: Prince George Free Press | February 1st, 2013 | By DeLynda Pilon

There are two distinct opinions among residents when it comes to fluoridating city water.

It’s likely interested parties will get the chance to sink their teeth into both philosophies at an upcoming city council meeting when fluoridating the city water will come up for discussion since ceasing the practice (in order to save the city money) – while providing residents who want to fluoridate pills so they can continue to do so – was one of the suggestions provided to council by KPMG, and one the committee as a whole forwarded to council for further consideration. Council may put the question to the public in a referendum during the next election. Meanwhile, many felt the responsibility for paying for fluoride may belong to Northern Health, and they will be approached about paying the $55,000 it costs for the service…