Fluoridating Santa Monica’s water supply was a controversial matter. I was not in favor of it for the simple reason of why add it to everyone’s supply when people who want it can add it and people who don’t aren’t forced to ingest it. With the water problems we have had with the Charnock Wells being polluted, you think we would be super careful not to put stuff INTO the water again. Especially if what I read was correct, that we are using some type of industrial brand that may exacerbate problems. I am not a scientist and cannot determine the truth behind those claims.

The battle to prevent it appears to be lost, so I sought some advice.

My Australian oncologist said, “When we did it in our township we had 50 percent less holes in our teeth.”

A famed acupuncturist here in Santa Monica said, “The original reason for fluoridation was to prevent tooth decay. But now evidence suggests many harms outweigh the purported benefits. In fact, the American Dental Association does not recommend fluoridated water for babies!”

Some evidence suggests that excess fluoridation can cause a rare bone cancer and many other potential health problems. Proponents of fluoridation cite studies on increasing bone density that are essential for the health of children, women, and the elderly. Why then, with fluoridation being commonplace, do we have such problems with osteoporosis? Interesting stuff.

My suggestion to those who are concerned is to filter their tap water so that both fluoride and chlorine, as well as other impurities, are taken out.

Also check out this website with pretty credible information on the subject, http://www.fluoridealert.org/fluoride-facts.htm.