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Queenslanders rush to filter fluoride from water

Source: The Courier-Mail | December 30th, 2008 | By Tristan Swanwick
Location: Australia

QUEENSLANDERS concerned about the introduction of fluoridated drinking water are rushing to purchase the latest filtering systems.

Almost 80 per cent of southeast Queensland households are now drinking fluoridated water, with only Toowoomba, Caboolture, Redland City and pockets of the Sunshine Coast, north of the Maroochy River, still to come online.

But the State Government has conceded it has received two petitions against water fluoridation totalling almost 6000 signatures in the past month.

The Queensland Health website advises people concerned about fluoride will have to choose other drinking water sources, such as bottled or filtered water.

Water filter sales are rocketing in Queensland.

Generic supermarket bottled water sells for up to $1.08 a litre, meaning the cost for a family of four drinking the recommended daily intake of two litres of water a day is $60 a week.

However, Food Standards Australia New Zealand has proposed allowing manufacturers to voluntarily add fluoride to bottled water.

Water Wizard owner/manager Gary Young said he had been inundated with enquiries since the Government announced the fluoridation program.

“I’m having to bring more (filters) over (from overseas) because we’ve just about sold out,” he said.

“Whenever people start talking about fluoride you see the increased interest.”

Mr Young said the only system which effectively filtered out fluoride used reverse osmosis technology, a filtration process that uses pressure to force water through a membrane, eliminating contaminants.

However, he said not even the best filters could eliminate all traces of fluoride.

Typical units can range from $400 to $1000, and can cost up to $150 a year to maintain.