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Reader letter: Adding flouride back into drinking water not a wise decision

Source: Windsor Star | January 8th, 2022 | By James Winter
Location: Canada, Ontario

The Hydrofluosilicic acid that Windsor’s city counsellors decided to add back into our drinking water is classified as an acute toxin.

The theory is that if you add it in small enough amounts it will help to prevent dental cavities. It supposedly will do this by washing over teeth as you drink.

Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act (2002) Standard of Care Section 20 states: “No person shall cause or permit anything to enter a drinking water system if it could result in a health hazard.”

Further, it adds, dilution is no excuse for adding a contaminant to drinking water.

As many scientists have shown with recent research, consuming fluoridated water can lower intelligence levels in children. It has also been shown to cause dental fluorosis, plus skeletal and bone deformities.

Higher levels of aluminium and fluoride can be related to dementia risk in men and women who consumed relatively low drinking-water levels of both. I feel we all get more than enough fluoride in our toothpaste.

I strongly object to Windsor’s city council adding fluoride to the drinking water without everyone’s consent.

James Winter, LaSalle

*Original letter online at https://windsorstar.com/opinion/letters/reader-letter-adding-flouride-back-into-drinking-water-not-a-good-decision