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Report: Kids in Danger Zones. One in three U.S. schoolchildren at risk from chemical catastrophes.

Source: Center for Effective Government | October 5th, 2014 | By Amanda Frank and Sean Moulton

According to the Executive Summary:

What we found is alarming:

At least one in every three schoolchildren in America today (36 percent of pre-kindergarten through high school students) attends a school within the vulnerability zone of a hazardous chemical facility. Over 19.6 million children in 48 states are in such a zone. Most of the children, their parents, and their teachers have no idea that they are at risk. [For state figures, see Appendices II and III, Tables A and B]

Report by  Frank A and Moulton S. 2014. Kids in Danger Zones. One in three U.S. schoolchildren at risk from chemical catastrophes. Center for Effective Government. September.


Facilities that put 200,000 or more students at risk to HYDROFLUORIC ACID (conc>50%)

Rank Facility Name City, State # of STUDENTS
in facility’s vulnerability zone
in facility’s vulnerability zone
Fluoride Action Network
8 Thorofare Plant West Deptford, NJ 546,854 1,283 This Solvay Solexis facility uses HF as a raw material in the manufacture of Vinylidene Fluoride (VF2), which is used to produce Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF). See their Risk Management Plan
24 Paulsboro Refining
Company LLC
Paulsboro, NJ 360,230 869 This is an oil refinery. See 2014 article & photos of plume – OSHA named this facility a “Star Site“. See report on oil refineries.
27 LaPorte Plant LaPorte, TX 349,660 580 Owned by DuPont – see their Risk Management Plan
28 PDV Midwest Refining,
Lemont, IL 348,402 702 A petroleum refinery owned by CITGO. See their Risk Management Plan which states, “the refinery uses Hydrogen Fluoride to produce consumer hydrocarbon products.”
39 Saint Paul Park
Refining Company LLC
Saint Paul Park, MN 270,386 702 This oil refinery was formerly owned by Marathon Oil Corp. and apparently no 37.8% owned by Western Refinery. See Dec 2013 article. See article on 2013 fire with no mention of HF emissions. See report on oil refineries.
48 Trainer Refinery Trainer, PA 234,270 552  An oil refinery owned by Monroe Energy. See Risk Management Plan, also see report on oil refineries.
53 General Chemical Bay
Point Works
Pittsburg, CA 221,863 445 Parent company of this Chemical plant is General Chemical West LLC – see Risk Management Plan.


Table 6: Chemicals Most Often Listed in Risk Management Plans by Industry

Bleach Manufacturing Chlorine 77%
Water Treatment Chlorine 86%
Wastewater Treatment Chlorine 99%
Chemical Manufacturing Chlorine 13$
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Chlorine dioxide 76%
Petroleum Refining Hydrofluoric acid (conc>50%) 38%
Electrical Power Generation Ammonia (anhydrous) 60%