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Researchers warn against fluoride use for infants and pregnant women to prevent neurological damage

Source: Press Release: New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF) | July 7th, 2020

NEW YORK, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Avoid fluoride during pregnancy and infancy to protect babies’ brains, caution fluoride researchers in the Journal of Pediatrics (“Current Best Evidence,” July 2020), reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).

Scientists Howard Hu, MD and Morteza Bashash, PhD provide commentary on one of seven well-conducted and government funded Mother-Offspring studies indicating that fluoride can potentially affect brain development.

They write, “Fluoride is not essential for growth and development, a cautious step could be avoidance of fluoridated products and water by women during pregnancy and by infants during the first 6 months of life.”

JAMA Pediatrics Journal editor Dimitri Christakis, MD, agrees. “I would advise them [pregnant women] to drink bottled water or filtered water because it is not a particularly odious thing to do and actually does reduce the risk,” in a discussion of the JAMA Pediatrics fluoride/IQ study.

Additionally, 65 studies found a lower IQ among children with higher fluoride exposure; 400 link fluoride to neurological effects.

Unnecessary fluoride chemicals, purposely added to many US public water supplies, attempts but fails to prevent tooth decay.

Officials also fail to adequately publicize scientists’ advice to avoid mixing fluoridated water into infant formula to prevent dental fluorosis (discolored teeth). Can government be trusted to adequately warn parents of fluoride’s neurological toxicity?

“It’s up to us to protect our children from fluoride. Politics and money protect fluoridation; science does not,” says attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President. “Organize your community to stop fluoridation.”

Dr. Hu recently testified in a US federal fluoride lawsuit against the EPA. Plaintiffs demand EPA lower allowable fluoride levels in public water supplies based on the growing evidence of fluoride’s neurological harm.

According to Law360.com “The judge said it’s undisputed that fluoride can, at some level, be a neurological hazard. The EPA doesn’t dispute that, but what has been hotly disputed at trial is the level at which a neurological hazard exists.”

“It’s time to stop using our children as guinea pigs in these ongoing fluoride/brain studies,” says Beeber. “New science says fluoride accumulates in the brain, where it was never intended and doesn’t belong. This should be enough to cease artificial fluoridation schemes country-wide,” says Beeber.

Contact: Paul Beeber, JD, President NYSCOF, nyscof@aol.com, 516-433-8882 http://FluorideAlert.org

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