Fluoride Action Network

Rotorua City Council decision yesterday on fluoridation

Source: Press Release: Fluoride Information Network For Dentists (FIND) | June 20th, 2014
Location: New Zealand

> FIND applauds the Rotorua City council for not shirking it’s responsibility to their citizens and stating they will hold a fair public consultation process in deciding whether to fluoridate their water supply.

> The fact that they declined a request to collaborate with the Lakes District Health Board will allow this process to be transparent, fair democratic.

> Communities deciding whether or not to drink and utilize water that has got added industrial fluoride in it need to do so with informed consent and a proper knowledge of the facts, and not make decisions which are perverted by propaganda campaigns.

> Top marks to the council for identifying that the DHBs have a pro-fluoridation agenda enshrined within their contracts which precludes fair and unbiased discussion of the issues.

> The responsibility and community leadership being shown by the Rotorua City Council should set a benchmark to other councils considering fluoridation.