Fluoride Action Network

Rutland: Choose your own path

Source: Rutland Herald | Letters to the Editor | February 1st, 2016 | By Susan Beard
Location: United States, Vermont

For about a year now, there has been an ongoing discussion in this newspaper about the pros and cons of continuing to add fluoride to Rutland’s drinking water.

But what started out as a presentation of considered opinion on both sides of a civil debate, has changed into the proponents of fluoride using character-assassination and accusations of exaggeration and fear-mongering against people with bona fide concerns about health.

Whether we fully understand the benefit or harm in using fluoride, the bottom line of this debate is really about having the right to choose:

1) Do we want to make choices for ourselves about using fluoride? Or:

2) Do we want our city government to take that choice away from us, by continuing the supplement of fluoride in the water, whether we want to ingest it or not?

On Tuesday, March 1, we have the opportunity to make our preferences known on this issue at the voting booth.