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Rutland: Fluoride is a waste product

Source: Rutland Herald | October 20th, 2015 | Opinion | By Kathleen Krevetski
Location: United States, Vermont

Fluorosilicic acid is a hazardous waste product added to Rutland City drinking water.

In the Rutland Herald article dated Oct. 15, titled “Board approves fluoride contract,” Public Works Commissioner Wennberg was quoted as saying he “has a problem when they (Rutland Fluoride Action) misrepresent either the nature of the fluoride or the safety of the water that contains it.” It was also reported that Mr. Wennberg “took objection with the fluoride being called a hazardous waste product.”

Fluorosilicic acid used in Rutland City is not only toxic and corrosive; it is dangerous and harmful to human health. At Town Meeting Day in March, when our community goes to the polls to vote against continued fluoridation of our drinking supply, it will be extremely costly to dispose of this hazardous waste that our Board of Finance voted to purchase for next year.

We are asking our city leaders to delay this purchase until after the March ballot vote so we will not have to pay for its costly disposal when our community votes to get it out of our drinking water.

Fluorosilicic acid has its own MSDS (material safety data sheet) from the Mosaic fertilizer company, which should be posted on the Rutland City website under all the fluoridation information so that our community can see for themselves that this product being added to our drinking water is indeed a hazardous waste product.

What should also be on our city website under the fluoridation information is a warning to our families with infants advising them not to mix fluoridated water with infant formula. We have already asked Mr. Wennberg to place that warning on our water bills as other communities have done, but that request has been ignored.

Water fluoridation with a hazardous waste product that also happens to contain arsenic in the current batch is not mandatory. Rutland City can stop it. Please sign the petition to help get the fluoridation question on the ballot for March. Become informed. Ask for a copy of the MSDS info on fluorosilicic acid from Mr. Wennberg at City Hall. Ask him why he is ignoring the request to put the warning for families not to be using fluoridated water in mixing formula not only on our water bills but also on the city website under the fluoridation section. Ask Mr. Wennberg why the EPA does not allow pharmaceutical-grade fluoride to be used but allows a hazardous waste product contaminated with arsenic in our drinking water.

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